The Lemhi County Economic Development Association (LCEDA), Lemhi Education Project (LEP), and the Lemhi Citizens for Affordable Education and Training (LCAET) would like to thank those of you who voted to join the CEI community college district on November 5th.
We appreciate your support.

Unfortunately, the measure did not pass. As a result of this the outreach center that had been so painstakingly created over the past ten years will cease to exist as of June 30, 2020. The committee is deeply disappointed. After the years of investing time, talent, and personal financial backing, LEP was able to show the demand and demonstrate the value of post-secondary training and education in Lemhi County.

Through the disbanding of LEP, the following programs and services will be eliminated starting July 1, 2020:

Staffing: There will no longer be a coordinator to develop and support programs, nor an advocate for individual students seeking pathways through education and training. Space: LCEDA will no longer subsidize outreach center space at the Innovation Center. Without ongoing funding to cover a reasonable cost for occupancy, the space will be listed for rent. Services: There will no longer be secured test proctoring, including those through PearsonVue Test Services. Tutoring services will also not be available. Counseling services, including career placement, financial aid assistance, and enrollment support will not be accessible. CEI Programs: As a result of the relationship LEP had developed, nurtured and maintained with CEI, the college was able to establish a footprint in Lemhi County; however, as a result of the vote and subsequent disbanding of LEP, the following programs will cease to exist as they do now. Workforce Training (including CNA and Idaho SkillStack® trainings) General Education (including pre-requisite courses, future RN and/or LPN programs Adult Basic Education/GED program

These opportunities will require reestablished personnel and space.

CEI classes in Salmon Spring 2020.

Thinking of relocating to Salmon? Find information HERE.

I didn’t finish high school, primarily because I am working full time, but I wanted to make sure I finished some sort of schooling. I took a friend’s advice and went to GED tutoring up at the Lemhi Education Project. I had tried some online school and found I didn’t have time or wasn’t committed enough to complete my work. But when I came across this opportunity I knew I could do it.”
– Emily Daine, GED Recipient

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