Success Stories

Kasie Adams – Creating (Personal) Opportunity Through Education

Born and raised in Salmon, Idaho, Kasie Adams admits she derailed her own plans for college with a few bad decisions in her late teens and early twenties. After taking a couple years to get back on track, she found herself working as a personal care giver for a local woman, Maybelle Snyder. Kasie credits Mrs. Snyder for lighting a fire under her, saying, “Kasie, you are better than this. You are smart! Do something more with your life. ” And that is what got her seriously thiKasieAdamsnking—for the first time in years—about what more education and training could mean for her and her little girl.

She consulted Johanna Schroeder of the Lemhi Education Project and signed up for a local CNA course which the LEP had arranged with Eastern Idaho Technical College and Discovery Care Centre. During the summer of 2013 Kasie spent some time in Idaho Falls to complete her Med-Assist training and take a phlebotomy course (AND she convinced her instructor to come to Salmon March 2014 and offer training to 12 students!). Her successes motivated her to continue, most recently prompting her to take EMT courses and learn IV techniques. Employed by Avalon Home Health and Lifestyles Home Care, Kasie was quickly promoted to a leadership position, a job which includes some marketing and travel. Kasie was always willing to work hard, but she credits her training and education for her improved salary, which is 75% higher than her earnings as a personal care giver. It’s a new lifestyle for her, her husband, and her children, and a life she expects will always include regular education and training.